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Victrola Vs Crosley? Here’s Our Top Pick For 2024…


When you’re just getting started in the world of vinyl records, picking the right record player is a huge decision.

Among all the different options for beginners, two brands really stand out – Victrola and Crosley.

Both offer a myriad of options for each price range and design, which makes this decision even more difficult.

So when it comes to Victrola vs Crosley, here’s what we found…

Victrola Vs Crosley: What to Consider?

When it comes to the decision of Victrola vs Crosley, there are several factors to consider.

Sound Quality

When comparing the Victrola and Crosley record players, the difference in sound quality becomes apparent upon close examination.

In our experience, both offer similar performance and features but the Victrola edges slightly ahead in clarity of sound, particularly noticeable in vocals and instrumentals. After looking inside both record players, we think that the Victrola’s slightly beefier speakers (with larger driver magnets) contribute to this superior sound reproduction.

Connecting External Speakers

external speakers for vic and cros

Both the Victrola and Crosley facilitate easy connection to external speakers via RCA output connectors located at the back.

When you connect either one to external speakers, the sound quality becomes notably improved, thus leveling the playing field between the two turntables in terms of sound quality.

Design and Features

In terms of design, the Victrola and Crosley closely resemble each other, making it challenging to discern significant differences at first glance. They share similar dimensions, color options, and layout, with only minor details setting them apart.

In short, design really comes down to personal preferences.

Both record players offer identical key features, including built-in speakers, portability, RCA output for external speakers, Bluetooth functionality for wireless music streaming, headphone output, and support for multiple playback speeds.

Internals and Build Quality

the inside of a crosley turntable

Internally, the Victrola and Crosley utilize similar components and technology, such as the YD3412 amplifier circuit and 3 Watt, 4 Ohm speakers. While the Victrola’s speakers appear slightly more robust, both turntables exhibit comparable build quality, typical of their affordable price range.

User Friendliness

In our ranking system, we gave both record players an equal score in terms of user friendliness. Both offer a straightforward setup processes and intuitive operation, along with an easy-to-use user guide.

Tracking Force and Connectivity

One notable aspect of both the Victrola and Crosley is their tracking force, which exceeds the standard measurement range of common tracking force gauges. While this high tracking force may raise concerns about potential wear and tear on vinyl records over time, it’s unlikely to pose significant issues for casual listeners.

Victrola Record Players: Pros and Cons

victrola record player


  • Victrola record player comes with sound isolation feet, enhancing the clarity of sound reproduction from vinyl records
  • Victrola offers a wide array of options, including models with larger built-in speakers, Bluetooth connectivity, and CD players, catering to diverse consumer preferences
  • Victrola’s affordability makes it accessible to enthusiasts with varying budgets.


  • While the sound quality surpasses that of Crosley, it may still not meet the expectations of audiophiles due to the utilization of ceramic needles and cartridges
  • Some entry-level Victrola models lack durability, affecting their portability and longevity
  • Even premium Victrola options may require external speaker ports for optimal audio performance, which could disappoint users seeking a self-contained experience

Crosley Record Players: Pros and Cons

a crosley record player


  • Crosley boasts an extensive lineup of record players characterized by diversity in styles, colors, and designs, allowing consumers to find models that complement their personal tastes and interior décor
  • Most Crosley models come equipped with built-in Bluetooth connectivity, facilitating seamless integration with external speakers for enhanced audio quality.


  • Lower quality internal speakers and ceramic cartridges may compromise sound fidelity, resulting in a less authentic listening experience
  • Some budget-friendly Crosley models exhibit durability issues, with reports of components breaking or malfunctioning
  • Certain models lack auxiliary ports, limiting connectivity options for users.

Conclusion: Choosing Between Victrola and Crosley

What did we learn from our experience with Victrola vs Crosley?

Well, we learned just how similar these beginner record players are. They’re both affordable and portable, with nice aesthetics. Their sound experience is pretty much what you’d expect from such affordable options, but that was fixed with a solid external speaker setup.

So if you’re still unsure which one to get, we’re here to tell you that, in terms of functionality, they’re pretty much the same. The Victrola wins on sound quality, so if you don’t have external speakers, definitely get the Victrola!

But if you have external speakers, just pick the record player that looks better to you. It’s really that simple.


The most recommended record player varies based on personal preferences and needs; popular options include models from Audio-Technica, Pro-Ject, and Rega.

Does Victrola scratch records?

Victrola record players may scratch records if not properly maintained or if low-quality materials are used in their construction.

Do Victrolas sound good?

Sound quality perception of Victrola record players varies among users; some find them satisfactory for casual listening, while others prefer higher-end options for better audio fidelity.

Is Crosley turntable worth it?

Whether a Crosley turntable is worth it depends on individual preferences and usage; while they are affordable and popular for casual listening, audiophiles may prefer higher-quality brands for better sound reproduction.

Which brand offers better value for money: Victrola or Crosley?

Both Victrola and Crosley offer affordable options, making them accessible to a wide range of consumers. However, Victrola’s slightly superior sound quality and diverse design options may provide better value for those prioritizing audio performance and aesthetics.

What is the best alternative to suitcase-style record players for improved sound quality?

For better sound quality on a budget, consider investing in an entry-level standalone turntable paired with entry-level powered speakers. This setup offers superior audio performance compared to suitcase-style record players, albeit at a higher cost.

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