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How To Use Crosley Record Player: Super Easy Guide! (2024)


Just got a brand new vintage Crosley record player and don’t know where to start?

Good news – you’re at the right place.

Welcome to the Internet’s easiest and most in-depth guide on how to use Crosley record players.

Whether you’re a beginner trying to work a Crosley for the first time, or a vet encountering issues after some time, I guarantee there’s something useful here for you.

So if this sounds like something you’d be interested in, stick around – it only gets better from here!

How to Use Your Crosley Record Player (In 2 Minutes)

Before you can kick back your feet, get the drinks flowing, and start enjoying your favorite vinyl records, it’s essential to set up your Crosley record player correctly.

Lucky for you, you have these steps to guarantee the smoothest setup on planet Earth!

Step 1: Unpack and Assemble Your Crosley Record Player

Okay, your brand new Crosley record player just came in the mail – what do you do now?

Carefully – and I mean carefully – unbox it and make sure all the parts are included. Most Crosley models will include a turntable, platter, tonearm, needle, and power cord.

A labeled infographic showing the parts of a Crosley record player
Crosley Manual. Via Behance

To assemble the record player, simply attach the platter and the tonearm to the turntable and plug in the power cord.

Step 2: Finding the Right Place

Step 3: How to Turn On Your Crosley Record Player

Once your Crosley record player is set up and plugged in, make sure the power source meets the voltage requirement of your specific model. Most Crosley’s are 9V though, so a standard wall plug should be just fine.

Once it’s plugged in, simply turn the power knob or click the power button to turn it on.

Step 4: Placing the Record (with Care!)

Once your Crosley is on and initialized, it’s time to place the record.

With this in mind, place the record onto the turntable and make sure its flat and centered, with the center hole of the vinyl record aligned with the spindle of the turntable.

A Crosley record player with a vinyl record properly positioned on the turntable

And please make sure the label is facing up!

Step 5: Adjusting Volume and Speed Controls

Before playing any records, first adjust the volume and tone controls to your preference for your optimal sound experience.

Adjust the speed selector on your Crosley to match the RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) of the record you’re playing. Crosley record players usually have three-speed playback, so they’ll be able to play any record with those RPM’s.

Check the label of the record to figure out the RPM, and then set the Crosley to that RPM.

Step 6: Tonearm Adjustment

Once your settings are adjusted, lift the lid of your player and make sure it’ll stay open. Remove the plastic guard from the record player needle (stylus).  

If there’s a tonearm guard, unclip it to release the tonearm and move the tonearm over the record.

If there’s no guard, just move the tonearm over the record.

An infographic highlighting the tonearm and needle on a Crosley Record Player

Make sure the record player is on, and then lift the tonearm, position the needle over the record, and lower the tonearm to start playback.

The tonearm should be lowered carefully onto the record’s surface to prevent any scratching or damage to the record.

Step 7: Monitoring Needle Progress

If you’re extra paranoid, you can also occasionally monitor the needle’s progress to make sure it isn’t skipping. But please don’t touch it as this can cause damage to the needle and record.

Step 8: Ending Playback

Once your record is done playing, turn off the player and lift the tonearm using the cue lever. Return your vinyl record back into its place, and remember, hold it by the edges NOT the grooves.

Return the tonearm to its rest position, lower it, and close the lid to protect the player from dust.


Well there you have it. The Internet’s easiest and most comprehensive guide on how to use a Crosley record player. Completely on the house.

Now that your Crosley is up and running, it’s time to enjoy your collection. Grab your favorite record (by its edges!) and let the Crosley do its thing.

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