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How To Use Crosley Record Player Bluetooth: Easy Guide!


Trying to connect your Crosley record player to Bluetooth devices (like speakers and headphones)?

This article will teach you how to use Crosley record player Bluetooth functions in 30 seconds!

How to Use Crosley Record Player Bluetooth Capabilities

If your Crosley record player features Bluetooth output, you can connect it to other Bluetooth-enabled devices such as wireless headphones or speakers. Follow the provided instructions to pair your Crosley with your desired Bluetooth device.

Step 1: Set up your Crosley

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Step 2: Bluetooth

Next, make sure you click the “Bluetooth” option on your Crosley record player. This will either be next to the turntable or on the back of the record player where the plugs are.

When the blue light on your Crosley flashes, it means that it’s searching for another Bluetooth-enabled device.

Step 3: Output Device

Make sure whatever output device you’re using (speaker, headphones, etc) has Bluetooth on. Once this is on, an automatic connection will establish between your record player and the output device.

This connection has been established when the previously flashing light on your Crosley stops flashing.

Using A Bluetooth Transmitter

A Bluetooth transmitter is a device that converts audio signals from a non-Bluetooth source, such as a record player, into a Bluetooth-compatible format, allowing you to turn a non-Bluetooth device into a Bluetooth enabled device.


Short and sweet, huh?

That’s the 30 second guide on how to use Crosley record player Bluetooth capabilities. If you have any more questions (or just want to chat), reach out at info@popvinylrecords.com


How do I play my record player through Bluetooth?

Depending on what record player you have, you can connect a Bluetooth transmitter to your record player’s audio output. Then, pair the transmitter with a Bluetooth-enabled speaker or receiver for wireless playback.

How do you play a record on a Crosley?

To play a record on a Crosley, place the record on the turntable and lower the tonearm gently onto the record surface.

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