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How To Replace The Needle On A Crosley: Super Easy Guide!


An often overlooked piece of a record player is its needle. So small, yet so powerful.

A good needle is the difference between healthy, long-lasting vinyl records versus scratched and warped ones.

When it comes to maintaining any record player, especially your Crosley, knowing how to replace the needle is crucial for preserving the quality of your vinyl collection.

And, because Crosley record players often come with ceramic needles that wear out relatively quickly, it’s even more important that you replace your needle from time to time.

So here’s how to replace your Crosley needle…

Instructions For How to Replace Crosley Needle

a closeup of a crosley turntable needle

Replacing the needle on your Crosley record player is a straightforward process that requires minimal tools and expertise. Follow these steps carefully to ensure a smooth replacement:

1. Turn Off and Unplug

Before starting, make sure your record player is turned off and unplugged to ensure safety.

2. Locate and Remove the Old Needle

To begin the needle replacement process for your Crosley, pick up the needle arm and carefully locate the needle.

Once you have located the needle, carefully pull down on the front edge of the needle to dislodge it from the tonearm. Then, gently pull away the needle while holding the tonearm with your other hand.

Take note of the type of cartridge and needle your Crosley record player uses, as different models may require specific replacements.

3. Install the New Needle

Carefully insert the new needle into the cartridge, ensuring it is securely in place. Be gentle to avoid damaging any components.

a step by step graphic showing how to replace crosley needle

4. Test the Record Player

Once the new needle is installed, plug in the record player and test it with a record to ensure the needle is tracking properly.


Not too bad, right?

In our experience, Crosley record players offer a great (and affordable) introduction to the world of vinyl and record collecting. However, the tradeoff that comes with their great prices is wear and tear on their record players.

This was our guide on how to replace your Crosley needle, and we hope you were able to solve your problems.

If you have any more questions, email us at info@popvinylrecords.com


How often should I replace the needle on my Crosley turntable?

The frequency of needle replacement depends on usage and maintenance. Generally, it’s recommended to replace the needle every 1,000 hours of playtime or sooner if you notice any deterioration in sound quality or if the needle is visibly damaged.

How can you tell if a needle is still good on an old record player?

The best way to determine the condition of a needle is to inspect it visually using a magnifying glass or a USB microscope. Look for signs of wear or damage, such as a bent stylus or flattened tip

Can I use any replacement needle for my Crosley turntable?

It’s crucial to use a replacement needle specifically designed for your Crosley model to ensure optimal performance and prevent any potential damage to your records.

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