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Crosley Record Player Not Spinning? Try this Quick Fix!


Having problems with your Crosley record player?

Is the red light blinking when you turn the on/off knob on, but the platter won’t spin?

Whatever the case may be, don’t worry; we’ve 100% got you covered.

In this ultimate guide, we’re going to explore all the possible causes of your Crosley record player not spinning and provide the quick ‘n easy solutions to help you get your record player spinning again.

So what’s the wait? Let’s get into it!

Quickest Solution: Tonearm Activation

If your Crosley record player is set up perfectly and still not spinning, gently pull the tonearm to the right, away from the turntable, until you hear a click.

a marked up infographic of a crosley cruiser plus indicating where the tonearm is

The turntable should start spinning.

Note: This is usually the fix for 90% of Crosley users, especially for Crosley Cruisers.

Causes and Solutions For Crosley Record Player Not Spinning

Power Issues

If your Crosley turntable isn’t spinning due to a power issue, then most likely the red LED light may not illuminate even when the turntable is turned on.

So, you’ll want to check the power connection and ensure that the turntable is receiving enough power from the outlet. Here’s all the possible power issues and their solutions:

1. Power Supply

Issue: Faulty power cord or plug.

Solution: Try using a different power cord or plug to rule out power supply issues.

2. Power Outlet

Issue: Malfunctioning power outlet.

Solution: Ensure the power outlet is functioning correctly by plugging in another device like a lamp or phone charger.

3. Power Connection

a set of wall plugs

Issue: Improper power connection or malfunctioning power adapter.

4. Internal Power Circuit

Issue: If both the outlet and adapter are working, check the power circuit inside the record player by simply plugging it in and seeing if it turns on. If not, there may be an internal power issue that needs repair.

Solution: Unless if you’re tech-savvy, take your record player into your local record store and see what they can do.

Belt Issues

a crosley turntable belt drive

1. Belt Drive Inspection

Issue: The platter fails to spin despite the motor running, indicating a belt drive issue.

Solution: Open up the turntable and inspect the belt drive mechanism. Ensure that the belt is correctly installed and not worn out. Refer to manufacturer guidelines or instructional videos for proper belt installation.

2. Belt Displacement

Issue: Rubber belt has fallen off or broken.

Solution: Remove the platter gently and inspect the rubber belt. If it has fallen off, reposition it onto the raised inner rim of the platter. Replace the belt if it’s broken.

3. Belt Tightness Check

Issue: Rubber belt has become loose, which can prevent proper platter rotation.

Solution: Inspect the belt for any looseness. If the belt is loose, it may need tightening or replacement.

Motor Issues

a broken motor, a possible cause of a crosley record player not spinning

1. Motor Failure

Issue: Faint or no sound from the motor when the turntable is turned on.

Solution: If the motor fails to produce any sound or spins the platter inconsistently, it might indicate motor failure. Consider replacing the motor, although this may require soldering skills.

2. Motor Functionality Test

Issue: The motor itself may have burned out.

Solution: Inspect the motor for signs of damage and use a voltmeter to see if the motor is generating any output. If the motor is damaged or not generating anything, consider replacing it.


By following the troubleshooting steps we just went over, you can figure out and resolve most issues with your Crosley record player not spinning.

If none of the above steps resolved the issue, there may be a problem with the circuit board. Professional repair may be required if the board is faulty.

However, with all the stuff we just covered, you’ll have enough to keep your Crosley Cruiser spinning till the end of time!

Just remember to seek professional assistance when in doubt, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us for any further questions:


Why did my Crosley record player stop spinning?

Your Crosley record player stopped spinning because of issues such as a worn-out belt, motor problems, or alignment issues.

Why is my Crosley record player skipping?

Your Crosley record player might be skipping because of a damaged needle, improper tracking force, or a warped record. Clean or replace the needle, adjust the tracking force, and make sure your records are in good condition.

How do I reset my turntable?

To reset your turntable, power it off, disconnect it from the power source, and wait for a few minutes. Then, reconnect it to power and turn it back on. If there’s a reset button, press it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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