Can You Skip Songs on Vinyl

Can You Skip Songs on Vinyl Like a DJ?

Vinyl records have made a remarkable comeback in recent years, offering music lovers a unique and immersive listening experience. While digital music streaming services have made skipping songs effortless, many wonder if the same convenience exists for vinyl enthusiasts. This blog post will delve into the world of vinyl, answering the question: Can you skip songs on vinyl?

The Answer: Yes!

Unlike digital music, which stores tracks as separate files, vinyl records are analog, with music encoded in a continuous groove spiraling across the disc. This means skipping tracks involves physically moving the needle to the desired location.

How To Skip Songs on Vinyl Records?

Skipping songs on vinyl requires manually moving the needle, unlike digital where songs are distinct computerized files. Here is the process:

1. Lift Up The Tonearm

The tonearm is the pivoting arm holding the needle that reads the record’s grooves. Lift it gently upward using the special lever or lift mechanism on your turntable. No need for sudden motions!

2. Locate The Gap Between Songs

Look closely – you’ll see small gaps in the spiral trail of ridges where no music information is encoded. That’s the boundary between the two tracks. Place a track you want to play after the gap.

3. Queue Up The Next Song

Carefully slide the tonearm over, hovering above the spinning vinyl. Line up the needle tip near the gap just before your next jam. Don’t let it scratch the record!

4. Lower The Tonearm

Once aimed precisely over the track intro, steadily let the arm descent back down. The music merrily resumes at your selection!

Automatic Track Skipping Turntables

Nowadays you can buy record players with high-tech automatic track sensing. Optical lasers even detect gaps between songs, letting you skip by tapping buttons. Pretty cool, but the manual has a retro charm too.

Alternative Methods:

  • Skip-cue lever: Some turntables have a built-in skip-cue lever that moves the tonearm quickly to the next track’s lead-in groove.

Skipping Songs Through the Ages

Skipping a song on vinyl might seem archaic in our instant-gratification world, but for generations of music lovers, it was an art form mastered through practice and a dash of dexterity. Let’s rewind and explore the classic and modern methods of navigating your favorite grooves, without skipping a beat (pun intended!):

The Classic Cue:

  1. The Needle Waltz: Gently lift the tonearm like a graceful dancer, guiding it away from the spinning record’s embrace.
  2. Across the Grooves: With steady hands, glide the tonearm across the vinyl landscape, aiming for the lead-in groove before the next song – like finding a hidden treasure map.
  3. A Gentle Touch: Lower the tonearm with the care of a butterfly landing, and voila! The next track unfolds, a testament to your vinyl acrobatics.

Modern Marvels:

  1. Cueing Lever’s Magic: Some turntables offer a built-in skip-cue lever, a technological fairy godmother who whisks the tonearm to the desired groove with a swift click.
  2. Automatic Adventures: For those seeking ultimate convenience, automatic turntables take the reins, effortlessly hopping over tracks with the push of a button.

Why one should not skip songs on vinyl record

While the freedom to skip tracks is deeply ingrained in our digital music consumption, vinyl offers a different experience. Choosing to resist the “next” button and listen to an entire album on vinyl can be an enriching and rewarding adventure. Here are some reasons why you might consider embracing the full vinyl experience:

1. Artist’s Journey: Albums are often crafted as cohesive narratives, with songs flowing into each other to create a complete artistic statement. Skipping disrupts this flow and diminishes the artist’s intended journey.

2. Hidden Gems: You might miss unexpected favorites! Skipping can prevent you from stumbling upon hidden gems tucked away later on the album, songs you might not have initially sought out but end up treasuring.

3. Mindful Disconnect: Vinyl encourages mindful listening. It’s a deliberate act, a ritual of choosing an album, placing it on the turntable, and immersing yourself in the music without distractions. Skipping disrupts this focus and disconnects you from the present moment.

4. Deeper Connection: Listening to an album as a whole allows you to engage more deeply with the music. You pick up on subtle nuances, thematic threads, and emotional arcs that might go unnoticed through selective listening.

5. Appreciation for the Craft: Vinyl rewards active listening. Taking the time to appreciate the artistry and technical skill behind each song fosters a deeper connection to the music and the craft of album creation.

Embrace the Flow: Instead of aiming for instant gratification, view listening to a vinyl album as an unfolding exploration. Give each song a chance to reveal itself, let the album wash over you, and discover the joy of uninterrupted musical journeys.

Benefits of Skipping Tracks on Vinyl

Skipping tracks on vinyl offers several advantages:

Personalized listening: You can create your own custom listening experience, skipping tracks you dislike and focusing on your favorites.

Discovering hidden gems: Sometimes, an album’s less popular tracks can be treasures waiting to be discovered. Skipping allows you to explore the entire album and appreciate its hidden gems.

Deeper connection with music: The physical act of skipping songs can deepen your connection with the music, encouraging mindful listening and appreciation for the album as a whole.

Potential Drawbacks of Skipping Tracks

Skipping tracks on vinyl also comes with some potential drawbacks:

Risk of damage: Improper handling while skipping can damage the record or the needle.

Interrupting the flow: Skipping tracks disrupts the artist’s intended flow of the album, potentially affecting the listening experience.

Loss of appreciation: Skipping may lead you to overlook or undervalue songs that might grow on you with repeated listening.


Whether or not to skip songs on vinyl is a personal choice. While it offers benefits like personalization and discovery, it also carries potential risks and disrupts the artist’s intended listening experience. Ultimately, the best approach is to experiment and find what enhances your enjoyment of vinyl records.

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How do you skip songs on a record player?

Lift the tonearm carefully.Move the tonearm to the lead-in groove of the next song. The lead-in groove is the short section of blank space between the two songs.Lower the tonearm gently.

Is it bad to skip songs on vinyl?

Some people believe that it’s bad to skip songs on vinyl because it disrupts the flow of the album. However, it’s really up to you. If you don’t like a song, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t skip it.

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